Our Members

Town Committee Members
Members of the Mansfield Democratic Town Committee are elected for two-year terms. A slate of members and officers is proposed by the organization’s Nominating Committee, then elected at the town’s Democratic Caucus, open to all registered Democrats in Mansfield in attendence at a caucus regularly held and publicized. The Town Committee fills mid-term vacancies. If you are interested in serving on the Town Committee, please contact Jim Mark, chair of the Nominating Committee, at (860) 429-4625 or Toni Moran at (860) 429-0798.

Brian Anderson
Paul Aho
Curt Beck
Ina Ruth Sarin Beck
Peggy Beckett-Rinker
Terry Berthelot
Joan Buck
Sheila Clark
Andrea Epling
Karla Fox
Sharry Goldman
Gregg Haddad
Shirley Katz
Peter Kochenberger
Uwe Koehn
Ron Kolanowski
Bob Kremer
Mark LaPlaca

Monika Lazauskas
Carol Lewis
Greg Lewis
Dave Litrico
Jim LoMonaco
Tulay Luciano
Ron Manizza
Alex Marcellino
Jim Mark
Ida Millman
Peter Millman
John Meyers
Toni Moran
Saul Nesselroth
Andy O’Sullivan
Mike Palumbo
Marissa Piccolo
Betsy Paterson
Charles Prewitt

Ken Rawn
Jay Rueckl
Ron Schurin
Lyle Scruggs
Ben Shaiken
Nancy Silander
David Simon
Winthrop Smith
Judy Stein
Cynara Stites
David Stone
Lee Terry
Carol Thomas
Leslie Turner
Randy Walikonis
Alicia Welch
Don Vigneau
Rita Vigneau

Town Committee Members Emeritus:

Cindy Adams
Aline Booth
Denise Merrill
Henry Krisch