Running For Office

Who is eligible to run for a local office as a Democrat?
To be eligible to run for a local office as a Democrat, you must be a Mansfield resident and be registered to vote as a Democrat (i.e., not as a Republican, unaffiliated, or another political party member).

Process for Democratic Party Nominations for Local Offices 
Any registered Democratic who is a Mansfield resident who is interested in running for a local office should contact the Mansfield Democratic Town Committee Nominating Committee Chairperson, Jim Mark, at 860-429-4625.  He will ask the person to submit a letter of interest and to meet with the MDTC Nominating Committee.

The MDTC Nominating Committee recommends nominees for local offices to the full Mansfield Democratic Town Committee.

In turn, the full Mansfield Democratic Town Committee votes on the candidates recommended by the Nominating Committee as well as any candidates whose names are placed in nomination by a MDTC member from the floor of the MDTC meeting.

The Mansfield Democratic Town Committee places the names of their candidates for nomination by the Mansfield Democratic caucus (which usually is held immediately after a MDTC meeting).  The caucus is open to all registered Democrats in Mansfield   Further nominations may be made from the floor of the caucus by any registered Democrat who lives in Mansfield.  The vote at the Mansfield Democratic caucus completes the nomination process unless a primary is called.

Any valid candidate who was not elected at the Mansfield Democratic caucus to be a party-nominated candidate may file to hold a primary election.  All Mansfield residents who are registered to vote as Democrats are eligible to vote in the primary. The primary completes the nomination process.

Election day is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Local elections are held in odd-numbered years.